About Us

RCF was founded by a group of educated young adults who see the opportunity in their own community rather than being tempted to seek fortune in foreign lands, bucking the trend for an exodus of Nepali young men to the Middle East, or the ‘brain drain’ for studies and work in Europe or America. We believe in our local community.

In these years, RCF has established a number of campaigns nurturing and fuelling the faith, ability and confidence of grass root community members through various creative approaches.

We have focused primarily on education; improving learning environments in the local government schools, run theatre and film projects, sports programmes and environmental campaigns. Within 4 years we have ensured that government schools in our area have now become the center of their community, increasing school attendance, parental value and engagement, and exam results improving year on year.

We have 7 members in our executive board with 53 personnel in our wider team including full time core staff, field staff, school teachers, drama facilitators, actors, volunteers and their team leaders.

We plan to develop a permanent RCF ‘working station’ which we hope will include a theatre for local advocacy events and performances, a resource center where we could preserve the community goods and artifacts that are gradually disappearing from our community, and the RCF office itself will be a place for discussing new ideas for the positive change in the society as well as the programme management and administration.

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