Vision , Mission & Objectives

Our Vision:

A just society where every person is working to improve their society

Our Mission:

By mobilizing a holistic approach in supporting communities to identify, discover, and utilize relevant resources, as well as equipping them with the skills to realize a communities maximum potential towards generating a micro and thriving economy and community.


  • Capacitate teachers, students and school management in government schools through regular training and quality exposure.
  • Initiate and facilitate forums where all the stakeholders of government schools gather to discuss and to act on their common issues
  • Initiate creative activities for school children stimulating better study and participation in school activities
  • Making government school classrooms attractive, fostering the creative learning environment
  • Promote volunteering across the local community, engaging young people in various creative and social activities
  • Support the community to enhance agricultural productivity through values driven private sector engagement, and market linkages
  • Connect producers and processors with appropriate and available technology and other related opportunities
  • To promote, and protect, Nepali Art and Culture practices and artefacts
  • Develop systems to support RCF to become a sustainable social organization in the community

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