Programs & Project

  1. Freedom to Learn Education Collaboration in Nepal

Freedom to Learn, a UK based charity has established an Education Collaboration with 3 local organizations working within the education sector. We are one of the proactive members of the collaboration. Edulift(Higher Secondary support, careers advice and creative curriculum development) and Sahasi Ketaketi (Sports, bikes to school) being the other two members of this collaboration.


  • Model School Program (MSP)

Government Schools in Nepal are decreasing in number rapidly, either merging with a neighboring school or closing altogether due to a severe lack of resources and infrastructure. This means that the quality of education available is minimal and inadequate. MSP is a successful initiative that supports government schools to be a key attraction to local families and their children. We closely work with the schools providing quality primary teachers and training in creative teaching and learning techniques. Creative classrooms generate better Learning is the main motto of this program. We started this program in 2015 at Kushadevi School where only 60 students remained in the primary school. After 3 years and our consistent programming the, school now has nearly 386 children at this level. We have expanded into Bihabar School this year.


  • English Teaching Program (ETP)

As an Education Collaboration partner, we are supporting Freedom to Learn to implement ETP in 4 government schools. We have designed the ETP in direct response to the advocacy and consultation of Act on Education (see below). English Language teaching is consistently weak across government schools; we provide a highly qualified and energetic English Language Teacher in each school school increasing the quality of the English Language Education across the school. The students’ English skills increase rapidly opening up further up job opportunities in various sectors which otherwise would have been closed to them.


  • Act on Education (AoE)

AoE is a creative community building approach successfully tested and developed in the context of Nepali government schools and their catchment communities. We are supporting Freedom to Learn to implement this program as an education collaboration partner. Facilitating a carefully planned 12 weeks of applied drama workshops resulting in a Forum Theatre Advocacy event we support school children to present the difficulties they face daily and their ideas for solutions to an audience of powerful stakeholders in local (and sometimes national) leadership, educationalists, families and other Action Groups. These stakeholders discuss and publicly pledge possible solutions and our team facilitates the commitment and action from the relevant groups. AoE is being implemented at 5 schools now.



  • Sister School Program (SSP)

This program is designed to develop Global Friendships among young people from different parts of the world through the use of technology. Under the Freedom to Learn led Education Collaboration, this program has established a friendship between Milford-on-Sea Primary School and Kushadevi Model School. 10 young ambassadors from both schools lead the programme exploring together different topics and sharing their experiences through live video sessions every month.




  • Teacher Training Programs (TTP)

The world of education moves very fast and teaching methodology is constantly being updated. Our training programme teams up with leading educationalists in Nepal, Rato Bangla, as well as Edulift’s curriculum training and UK teachers who take leave to run training courses sharing updated teaching methods to develop the creative learning environments in government schools, and organizing regular teacher training events. Currently we are training 48 teachers from 4 schools.




  1. Community Education Campaign (CEC)

This is one of our key programs supporting the core components of our organization. Generously funded by the Open Society Foundation (OSF) through Alliance for Social Dialogue(ASD), this program supports us to fulfill our two major objectives; Improve the quality of education by engaging the Panauti Municipality and the stakeholders for development more effective education policies; Developing RCF as a more vibrant community based organization developing it as a centre of quality learning.



  1. International Citizenship Service Project (ICS)

International Citizen Service is a partnership project between RCF and VSO Nepal, which we implement on behalf of the partnership. ICS is part of the UK Government’s Department for International Development scheme called International Citizen Service. The scheme will run until October 2018 and gives international volunteering opportunities for young people.

The vision of ICS is a world of mutual understanding where people act together for a fair and inclusive society.  

National and UK volunteers aged between 18-25 pair and live in our community. Around 10-12 pairs of such volunteers work at the public schools to improve the learning environment through various creative activities.

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